Blog Creation

Are you a writer? A girl with lots to say?

Do you have a passion that you can’t stop talking about?

Are you a mom who wants to share the good, the bad, and the ugly?

Are you planning a big event and you’d like to keep an online journal?

Basically, you’d love to blog but never got started because of the headache of technology?


I can help! Starting your blog is easy:

  1. I meet with you in person for about one hour: you tell me about your project, what you have in mind and show me your favorite blogs. It’s FREE!
  2. I work on as many blog templates as you choose, customized to your vision. We meet again and you decide if you want to go ahead. It’s FREE!
  3. Once the contract is signed, you’ll have a blog online within 2 weeks. PLUS you get one hour of FREE class to learn how to manage your blog.

~ Start at only $300 ! ~

One blog template, one header, one static page

  • Free: one hour of editing class
  • Free: Social Media Icons Integration

Additional services:

  • Additional static page: $30
  • Additional template + header proposal: $100
  • Getting started with Amazon Affiliate Program: $50
  • Domain name: $10 – $ 30 / year
  • Hosting costs: start at $3 /month

I don’t just set up the blog and leave you to it. With a FREE one hour class, I give you the skills to create new posts, add images and manage comments.

Gift certificate available!

Text or call Lisa at 650-691-3597



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