Lisa’s Simple Website is a company created in 2015 and located in Pittsburgh, PA.

Why is it so affordable?

I use recognized development platforms such as WordPress, Weebly or Shopify. This allow me to set up your website quickly and focus on customizing the design to your unique project. I use royalty free images for design and open-source software instead of fancy and expansive ones.


What I do

  • Customize your layout
  • Integrate your content
  • Purchase a domain name
  • Launch your website live
  • Connect it to Google Search
  • Create your logo and your website header
  • Include Social network links (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Run Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Take semi-professional pictures
  • Create customized email addresses
  • Transfer basic knowledge to modify your website or your blog

I focus on KISS websites (Keep It Simple, Silly!), but this is your project: I give you the option to transfer it to a specialized company when you are ready to take it to the next level.

About me

LisaI arrived in the USA from France 7 years ago. Living in this land of opportunity unleashed my inner entrepreneur and I started blogging, my Etsy shop, an online business, and even published several children’s books. I love to leverage my knowledge of website design to help small businesses and individuals to go online. I focus on South West Pennsylvania so I can meet my clients face to face to deliver a website or a blog that is unique to their projects.